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2nd place of Fernando Monje-Gustavo Yacamán (BMW M6 GT3) in Monza


The title will be decided in November at the Circuit de Barcelona-CatalunyaMonza, Italy, 2 October 2016.- Fernando Monje and his partner Gustavo Yacamán (BMW M6 GT3) have finished second the second race in Monza, penultimate round of the International GT Open, after a highly exciting test. After this great result, BMW Team duo Martin Teo is second in the provisional championship title and the first weekend in November will be decided in Barcelona.

The Italian track of Monza has always been very pleased the pilot chic & basic, here achieved the recognition of 'Man of The Race' last season after a brilliant performance in the race of the TCR International Series and this weekend has also shone. Rooms in Qualifying for the race yesterday, which finished fifth after having to meet the 15 "supplementary stop by regulation to have won the last competition played at the Red Bull Ring, Fernando Monje has been commissioned to perform the Qualification for today's race, which has also taken the wheel in the first relay.

Fernando Monje after qualifying: 'The track was completely wet and have come out with wet tires; to go drying we have chosen to make the change quite soon and that we have paid a bit since those who have chosen to change later have had better grip at the end, that is when you have marked the best times'. The race strategy, once again, has been a very important part of achieving the result. Fernando has come out with the same tire mounts used by himself in Qualifying, so Gustavo Yacamán started his turn with new tires.

This second race was extremely important for all drivers, Fernando Monje started from the fourth row but I knew ahead handicap and had pilots that had to be used, so that the pit stop would be crucial. The pilot chic & basic tore seventh but the first lap was sixth, while shortly after his teammate, Miguel Ramos, had to go into the pits and retired.

Monk pressure on the Mercedes Jäger, who preceded him, was strong but still the driver of BMW Team Teo Martin did not find the right time to try overtaking and the Austrian finally distance. Monje was the first pilot of the six forward to pit to change, on the 6th actual position, giving the M6 ??GT3 to Gustavo Yacamán in the plaza. When all the drivers had made his stop, Yacamán was less than 2.5 "4th classified. Fu Songyang (Ferrari), the leader, is out, so it was 5th Yacamán less than 22 minutes remaining sleeve. Mario Plachutta (Mercedes) and Gustavo made a straight and was 4th, 1.5 seconds off the podium in those bars busy in its lower part by Thomas Biagi (Lamborghini).

The last quarter-hour race was very exciting in the top five, all in 5 seconds away which was shortened in the first four places down to less than 2 "with the Colombian closer and closer to the trio of head to team up with them. Yacamán got through to Biagi on lap 26, in an explosive phase in which anything could happen. Half a second separated the third, Yacamán, the first, West, 10 laps from the end. Moiseev Yacamán passed on lap 28 and was 2nd! although in this battle the West leader had clearly advanced. The BMW pressed a great time, filing tenths constantly but must defend at the same time attacks Biagi, always in their wake, until the Italian impacted hard behind the BMW of Colombia, passing in full satellite and ending therefore in 2nd position. Anyway, this dangerous maneuver was penalized by 2 "by the stewards, so for scoring purposes Monje-Yacamán have finished second and Biagi-Crestani, third.

Fernando Monje: 'It is clear that we have taken speed where we had not, our car suffered from a lack of tip but we could counter it with piloting and strategy. The blow that has given him behind Gustavo Biagi was to get out, but was able to control the situation and end; what the penalty is the least he could be applied. Anyway, we go to Monza seconds and with real possibilities, the circuit will sentence psyched and we will go there to give everything'.

Pause a month for the International GT Open, on 5 and 6 November these two season-ending races will take place at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Ranking 2nd International GT Open race - Monza
1-Alexander West-Côme Ledogar (McLaren 650S GT3), 1h00'07 "615
2-Gustavo Yacamán-Fernando Monje (BMW M6 GT3), 4 "350
3-Thomas Biagi Fabrizio Crestani-(Lamborghini Huracan GT3), 5 "241
4-Vito Postiglione-Simone Pellegrinelli (Lamborghini Huracan GT3), 8 "256
5-Alex Moiseev-Marco Cioci (Ferrari 488 GT3), 8 "259

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