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Fernando Monje (BMW), the only Spanish who chooses the title of the International GT Open 2016


5 and 6 November: Last round at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

After ten editions, Monk is the second national pilot can again make history.

After six appointments a double race, the tandem of Fernando Monje-Gustavo Yacamán (BMW M6 GT3) arrives at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya to make the final assault on the International GT Open, maintaining absolute title options. Fernando Monje, driver of BMW Team Teo Martin, winning structure of this same tournament in 2015, is the only Spanish that can qualify for the continental crown. With teammate vehicle, is currently second overall, 29 points behind the Italians Fabrizio Crestani-Thomas Biagi (Lamborghini), although the efficacy demonstrated by Monk-Yacamán for most of the season makes them serious contenders to victory, taking into account that Fernando competes at home.

A campaign from less to more
The 2016 season started well. A great performance, regular and high-level, allowed the tandem Monk-Yacamán, alternating at the wheel of a new BMW M6 GT3, ended in the second absolute position in the debut race at Estoril. In the second round of this same circuit were sixths, somewhat penalized by the tax handicap after the previous good result.

Things went wrong in Spa-Francorchamps. Although Monk did the pole and escaped in the lead during the early stages of the race in the third lap the chic & basic suffered a sharp exit when he stepped fully support the bumpy edge of the track, with a bulky station drain, which descontrolaba M6 completely and threw into the barriers. Damage to the BMW was not allowed to be in the second race, thus leaving both boxes blank.

In the third appointment of Paul Ricard, with a newly released and after a good training days M6 GT3 drive, the car stopped on lap 19 due to technical problems and returned them to leave blank. However, more forcefully than ever and after a thorough job of BMW Team Teo Martin, the tandem returned to the podium in the second race, finishing in silver position and thus breaking a losing streak that was quickly forgotten.

In midsummer, the International GT Open was quoted at Silverstone with a first strategic race where getting the sixth place, facilitating them the way for the next day, and without handicap, materializing a second position, being increasingly closer to the long-awaited victory.

This deserved victory came in Austria, with a fourth strategic position in the first of two races scheduled and the absolute triumph in the second, embroidering a weekend dream with one of his best performances since the two competed together in this category. And in the Italian Monza quote again they totaled another podium, being fifth in the first race and second in the second, on a track where Fernando has always achieved good results.

Objective: Win at home!
Barcelona, ??the next and final meeting of the season (5 and 6 November) has something special for Fernando Monje. In addition to qualifying mathematically the title, he will run to his liking and that always gives encouragement to the pilots. Only 10 '' accumulated as a handicap after the second place in Monza could be an obstacle facing the result you need the tandem, which is none other than attempt the feat in both races and score the maximum of 44 points is in game.

Fernando Monje: 'Under normal circumstances we be satisfied with a fourth place in race to neutralize the handicap and we were going to attack the victory in the second, but that's a risky title being at stake. So we decided that we will try to get the victory from the first moment and, especially, to enjoy and to make enjoy also the fans'.

Monje says no note taking particular pressure as close to the possibility of fighting for the crown. For Fernando, 'the pressure must have it, and much, the current interim leaders as they know they can not make any mistakes or we will be lurking to take advantage of it. We know the track well, we know it is a career that will provide a more nourished grill this year than ever before and that the differences in this tournament the top are always minimal. We can not auto demand more because we have always flown comfortable that we have left things well, excluding foreign to our performance imponderables'.

Fernando Monje is very confident of your choices as applicants are: 'At the heart of the champion team in 2015, Teo Martin, driving a BMW that has proved their competitiveness and we compenetramos well with Gustavo. I think, having to meet a handicap, never or remotely nobody has managed to string two wins in a row, something that would be optimal for us, but hopefully not get off the podium this weekend. You have to finish races in the best possible position and wait for a stroke of luck because, we are also realists, 29 points of difference are many input and our rivals have always been regular. Anyway, do not forget that in three of the tests we add 0 points and them that has not happened in any race, with that is that all ... not to do cabals nor excessive assumptions, but the numbers of the provisional championship are clear'.

Catalan program schedule appointment
Fernando Monje and Gustavo Yacamán this last round of the championship will begin on Thursday, November 3, day of private tests, which will follow a new session of free trials during Friday 4. The 1st qualifying (Saturday, 5) mark the grill the first race, which takes place over 70 'from the 4:15 p.m.. 2nd grade (Sunday, 6) will be at 9:40 a.m.. The final race will start at 14.15h and will last 60 '. This will close the season and announce the names of new champions 2016 International GT Open.

In ten editions, all winners that make up the history of the International GT Open are outside Spain, except one: Alvaro Barba in 2010. Fernando Monje, after being Champion European Touring Car in 2012, only Spanish to get it, you can return to make history for national motorsports.

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