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Delay problems revealed Fernando Monje (BMW)


The BMW Team Teo Martin gets the title teams.

5-11-2016.- Fernando Monje-Gustavo Yacamán have finished in the 13th position (7th among the drivers who follow the championship) the first of the two races of the International GT Open this weekend dispute at the Circuit de Barcelona -Catalonia, last season. Starting problems after the relay drivers did lose many seconds to Fernando Monje, the decisive for the outcome of the race and the championship dessert. The positive side was the title on computers has made the BMW Team Teo Martin.

Qualification that formed the starting grid for the first race left the team Yacamán Monk (BMW M6 GT3) with the fourth fastest time in a morning with a completely dry track. Yacamán carried out the strategy marked by the team, but the Lamborghini of the current leaders highlighted the pole, complicating the fight for the title of Team BMW tandem Teo Martin.

Fernando Monje: 'The performance of the Lamborghini have been blatantly superior to those of other participants and we have done exactly what I expected, but still rooms with six drivers in the same second. Make a good start will be key. Only now we are concerned that the handicap of 10 seconds that we meet in the driver change does not affect us too, "Monk said after the qualifying session.

Already in the race, Gustavo Yacamán started from the second row of the grid and in the first few laps remained in fourth position in which he had left in fierce battle with the Aston Martin Euan Hankey. This fight was really hard until Gustavo looked advance by the British on lap 6. The Colombian left in the fifth place the rest of the relay to deliver the M6 ????at that position on lap 17.

After the change, and compliance with the 10 "handicap due to second place achieved in the previous race in Monza, Monk had problems at the start and had to make a reset in the system, which made him lose precious seconds . Already on track, very late, the chic & basic pilot could do nothing more than take the BMW to the finish line in 13th place, 7th cars taking points for the GT Open.

Fernando Monje: 'We do not know what happened, until I have done not reset the car has restarted, the mechanics have pushed but there has been nothing to do and we lost the title. Our goal now is to secure the runner-up and try the best result tomorrow. The weather conditions could bring more of a surprise, so until you cross the checkered flag will not throw in the towel '.

Tomorrow, last race of the International GT Open: Rating at 9:40 (the will Fernando Monje) and run from 14:15 hours (60 minutes).

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