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Fernando Monje-Gustavo Yacamán (BMW), with no luck


Last race of the International GT Open at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

6-11-2016.- The last race of the International GT Open season ended with a great performance by Fernando Monje-Gustavo Yacamán, although not materialize in a good final result. After making a great career and recover nine positions from the start, a few minutes left Gustavo Yacamán suffered a touch with another participant, the Lamborghini No. 25 at that time leader, breaking a piece of direction and was forced to withdrawal, duo that ruled the runner-up of the International GT Open.

In qualifying for this race, which has made Fernando Monje, the somewhat slippery track conditions combined with a large traffic that shaped track 30 'of really complicated session. Due to slightly damp asphalt, Monk out with wet tires replaced by the slick covered at the first stop. When towards the end was performing his fast laps, Fernando was bothered by other vehicles that ruined the chances of being able to be placed in front positions, finishing in 11th place (6th among fans of GT Open) did not reflect at all the possibilities BMW Team tandem Teo Martin.

Fernando Monje 'is seen that it is not our weekend ... a position in the top five in qualifying was fully feasible, but first a car and then another have taken ruined my efforts. Anyway, we should expect that in the race we can ride smoothly, we have a rival who must win to runners-up, this is the only important thing. "

Fernando Monje came to the race from 11th position in the belief that anything was possible, before his audience and track conditions and good vehicle. He started well and at the end of the first lap and was 8th. The entrance of the safety car cars grouped but also broke the rhythm, so that the action to resume the Ferrari # 111 Monje moved in the rotation 9. Several incidents of cars ahead Monje allowed up to 7th position, in which I come to the driver change.

After a stop in fantastic pit that allowed a brilliant progression, completely contrary to what the previous day had occurred, the race BMW M6 # 2 with Gustavo Yacamán the wheel made a big jump in the standings, improving a lot of positions almost in a row, standing in a second position not only gave them second place but was about to permit closing the season on the podium. But Yacamán a difficult overtaking threw himself on the outside on the right end of the straight, which concluded with a touch to the car in front and, ultimately, with the withdrawal.

Fernando Monje: "Our goal in this race was not to achieve a particular rating, but to get the runner-up. We had well moored in these closing stages, but the touch of Gustavo was not planned and he has left us at a time when the second position. It is a pity that after a year of effort everything has gone down suddenly, the truth is that there is little to say about it ... '.

The International GT Open 2016 is over. While not all drivers' title, the overall result of BMW Team Teo Martin in militating Fernando Monje-Gustavo Yacamán has been really good. Teams absolute title the third (Monk-Yacamán) and fourth (Miguel Ramos) in Pilots are added. By Fernando Monje and his partner Gustavo Yacamán have achieved a victory (Red Bull Ring-Austria) and four second places (Estoril, Paul Ricard, Silverstone and Monza), and other places off the podium and pole position (Spa) .

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